22nd - 24th February 2017
New Zealand

General Information

Travel Visas to New Zealand

You will need to apply for a visitor visa before you come to New Zealand if you are not from a Visa-waiver country.  For countries that do not require visas click the following link: http://glossary.immigration.govt.nz/visafreecountries.htm

For further visa information please click the following link: www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/visit/visitors/

Passengers travelling to New Zealand via Australia

If you are travelling through an australian airport on your way to or from New Zealand, you may need to apply for an Australian visa before travelling even if you are only in TRANSIT.  Please be sure to consult your travel agency or your airline beofre departure to confirm whether or not you are transiting Australia on your way to or from New Zealand.  for further information on transit visas please click the following link: www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/visit/transit/austransit.htm

Further travel in New Zealand

For more informaiton on what New Zealand has to offer please check out 100% Pure NZ website: www.newzealand.com/int/